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  • NEW A full range of Genuine McConnel parts are available from our stores department
  • NEW Available in 2.5 (8ft) and 2.7m (9ft) models with 740mm (30inch) and 890mm (36 inch) dia drums with 12-16mm wall thickness. Can be filled with water for extra weight and can be transported fully laden Heavy duty frame and unique Fleming hinged draw-bar & spring steel centre shaft Only seconds to change over to transport positionScraper blade standard
  • NEW Available width 2.5m (8ft), 2.7m (9ft), 3m (10ft) with 740mm (30inch) and 890mm (36 inch) diameter drums with 10mm, 12mm and 16mm wall thickness. Strong structural box section frame with over channel support 3PL available on all 8ft models only for unladen transport Scraper blade optional Pick up eye and shoe rest as standard on all models
  • NEW Reinforced Lowered pick up eye for good ground clearence Strong robust construction Reinforced grease hinge points with H.D pivot pins 6 Stud 11.5 x 15.5 tyres 75mm spring steel shaft with centre support with greased nylon bearings and easy maintenance access Available in 12x36x12 Easy change over from working to transport position(no Heavy lifting) Twin rams
  • Price: £265.00 Incl. Tax: £318.00 NEW Standard Tipping Boxes Solid construction of reinforced steel plate with heavy duty tipping independant hitch mechanism. Easy removable back door. Large capacity box for general purpose light duties around the farm or park. Reinforced 3mm plate body. Cat 1 Pins supplied
  • NEW Manufactured to the highest of standards, the hydraulic box has a robust and durable steel construction. Available from 5ft (1.5m) up to 7ft. (2.13m). Internal reinforcing shoes tie the strength of the floor to the cross beams on the back of the box creating a solid back plate to absorb the force of high horse power tractors. The reinforcing shoes have smooth rounded edges for easy unloading and cleaning. Heavy duty Double acting ram Reinforced floorReinforced nose plate Heavy duty structural box section hitch with Reinforced joints for extra strength The 5mm thick folded form of the box has 2 internal reinforcing beams across the back of the body of the box eliminating any flexing when the box is under heavy load. The heel of the box is fitted with a scraping blade, supported by the floor skids further adding reinforcing strength to the back of the box and giving the capability of grading and levelling stones, sand, soil etc.
  • NEW The Fleming General Purpose Grabs is available in 1.25m (4ft) and 1.5m (5ft) width. 4ft model (SGB4) has 6 tines in base and 2 side tines for secure capacity. 5ft model (SGB5) has 8 tines in base and also 2 side tines. Ideal for muck and silage All hinge points fitted with grease points. The top grab has 2 hydraulic cylinders for powerful gripping action and low power requirement. 4 curved tines on 4ft and 5 curved tines on 5ft Forged tines mounted in steel bushings. Forged tines mounted in steel bushings. Heavy Duty Box section frame Suitable for tractor mounted front end loaders and skid steer handlers Wear strips fitted on main beam.
  • NEW The Fleming Shear Grabs have been methodically designed for low maintenance and trouble free feeding. Heavy duty side tines for extra strength Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for reduced power requirments Reinforced front blade Cranked centre tines for easy unloading Serated blades for clean cut and reduced cutting presure Angled side blades for improved side cut Main beam wear plates with closed off side tine reinforcement Heavy duty pivot points for trouble free operation
  • NEW The Keltec Bale Slice is designed to remove the hassle from the way wrapped bales are fed. Our patented system, which speeds up the operation of feeding, is designed to ensure you have the least amount of work to do with maximum productivity, reducing costs and saving valuable time. The plastic wrap and netting is removed from the bale while the bale is cut, all from the seat of your tractor or digger.

    The patented system of grab, cut and removal is all controlled by one double acting hydraulic service which makes it perfect for loading diet feeders, circular feeders or for use in feeding passages. Add to this the advantage of being able to use the incorporated fork which makes light work of the day to day jobs around the yard and also for easy and safe pushing of silage to desired positions, all from the comfort of your cab.

  • NEW Talex 1.65m drum mower 5ft 6 cut with pto shaft Cutting width - 1,65 m Cutting width - 1,65 m Power demandy - 40kW/54KM Number of working plates - 2 Number of knives - 6 Rotational speed of the plates - 2070/min Diameter of the plates - 78 cm Rotational speed of the PTO - 540/min
  • NEW Talex 1.85m drum mower 6ft  cut with pto shaft Cutting width - 1,85 m Cutting width - 1,85 m Power demand - 55kW/75KM Number of working plates - 2 Number of knives - 6 Rotational speed of the plates - 2000/min Diameter of the plates - 88 cm Rotational speed of the PTO - 540/min
  • NEW Talex 1.35m drum mower 4ft 6 cut with pto shaft Cutting width - 1,35 m Power demand - 20 KW/ 30KM Number of working plates - 2 Number of knives - 4 Rotational speed of the plates - 2070/min Diameter of the plates - 68 cm Rotational speed of the PTO - 540/min