Quad X Weed Wipeout weed wiper

Quad X Weed Wipeout weed wiper
Quad X Weed Wipeout weed wiper Quad X Weed Wipeout weed wiper
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Quad X Weed wipeout dual roller weed wiper

  • Total width 2.4m/8ft
  • Contact width 2.16m
  • Dual counter rotation rollers.
  • Long fibre application rollers.
  • Automatic weed detection and chemical application system.
  • Unique chemical control system.
  • Knobby 22-11x8 floatation tyres.
  • Adjustable towbar can be offset for hard to reach areas.
  • 7-position adjustable height.
  • Quick release hitch.
  • High precision applicator nozzles.
  • System Diagnostics.
The Quad-X Wipeout offers massive savings on chemical over any similar conventional systems. It is also equipped with unique innovative features making it the first of its kind. The Wipeout is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where conventional boom spraying is not appropriate.

The Quad-X Wipeout has a weed detection system which automatically applies chemical to the rollers when required. It activates the chemical application system to apply the optimum amount of chemical to the rollers automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on driving. The Wipeout also has an additional chemical usage control function for optimum results. This allows you to regulate the chemical application rate for different weed densities. This Wipeout's chemical management control system has been developed to reduce costs while maintaining wipeout.
The Wipeout is equipped with innovative dual rollers. These are highly absorbant to ensure excellent chemical retention on the surface and for excellent application to weeds. The first of these counter rotating twin rollers lifts the weed up to apply the chemical to the sensitive underside of the leaf which allows for a much faster herbicide absorption and so faster weed kill rates. The second roller rotates in the opposite direction and acts to separate out any clumps of weeds to get a more even chemical application for better weed kill results. The second roller also acts as a reservoir to absorb any excess chemical that may be on the primary roller, to minimise the risk of dripping which can cause grass to burn.

Through considerable development time and investment Quad-X has discovered a process of unique atomisation technology where chemical is applied in the form of micro-bubbles which attach themselves to the rollers without bursting. Chemical activation is enhanced since the chemical is transferred to the weeds in a bubble form. Upon contact with the weeds the micro bubbles burst and provide a better stem coverage than the standard chemical film approach.

The Wipeout boasts an integrated intelligence system diagnostics. This inbuilt diagnostics panel offers a simple zone fault identification to ensure easy use and maintenance.
The Wipeout has a 7 position adjustable height from 140mm - 380mm (approx depending on towing vehicle used) to suit different grass and weed height. This ATV weed wiper is ideal for the UK climate and ground conditions and comes with low pressure knobby tyres as standard to allow you to access wet areas.

Weed wiping is a more environmentally friendly approach to weed control in comparison to boom spraying, since only the weeds are targeted. This ensures that grass and clover growth is not stunted. With none of the off spray associated with boom spraying, wildlife habitats are less affected and it's healthier for you too.

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